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Saimaa Central Park

Experience Lake Nature in the Middle of Mikkeli City

Saimaa Central Park is a beautiful park area buzzling with life, right next to Mikkeli city centre.

The restaurants, shops and gardens of Kenkävero and Mikkelipuisto Park are open to customers all year round. Go try the unique tram-café, rent a SUP board, find some local design, and visit the hidden croft of Santa Claus.

During summer, the Urpola Nature Centre and nature trail will lead you on an adventure into the peaceful nature.

You can also try the Kaihu trail, suitable for people of all ages. The trail is altogether 2.5 km long, and walking the trail only takes about 35 minutes, so do take your chance and have a try when visiting Saimaa Central Park.

Many activities are available year-round. See more at

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