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The best food in the world comes from Saimaa

D.O. Saimaa tells that the food is best quality from the Saimaa region.

Kuva: Finnish Heritage Agency

The best food in the world comes from Saimaa

Saimaa has a centuries-old tradition of specialising in good food. The gastronomy of the region's manor houses and of the rural cuisine have formed a unique world of flavours celebrating natural ingredients from forests and lakes as well as local farmers. The D.O. Saimaa (Designation of Origin) quality is a testament to their excellence. When you enjoy D.O. Saimaa food, you know you are making a high-quality, delicious and ethical choice. Welcome to enjoy the authentic, best flavours of the Saimaa region! 

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Enjoy D.O. Saimaa delicacies in We Support restaurants

In D.O. Saimaa food products you can taste the originality of the Saimaa region. They are fine examples of the food and cultural heritage of Saimaa and its specialties. You can enjoy D.O. Saimaa delicacies in many restaurants of the region.

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D.O. Saimaa food products are high-quality specialty products made by local producers who focus and maintain high quality standards, transparency, ecology and deliciousness throughout the supply chain. D.O. Saimaa products showcase their story and handiwork. 

In Mikkeli you can buy D.O. Saimaa products in the D.O. Saimaa Shop in Kenkävero and Heinäsaaren Herkkupuoti in the Akseli Shopping Centre

The Saimaa region has been awarded the international European Region of Gastronomy title for 2024, celebrating the unique gastronomy and culture of Saimaa with new experiences that combine food and culture. Taste Saimaa is a delicious union of food, culture and traditions from Eastern Finland, and D.O. Saimaa is an significant part of it. 

D.O. Saimaa is 100% good from Saimaa!

Learn more about the D.O. Saimaa origin and quality label, D.O. Saimaa producers and their top products. Also pick the best D.O. Saimaa recipes and cook you own delicious dishes in the Chef of D.O. Saimaa style.