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Huitukanharju Nature Reserve

Huitukanharju Nature Reserve

Rent a bike and make a trip to Huitukka, Juvan Punkaharju and find the Repokivet-stones.

The Huitukka-Myllyjoki Nature Reserve covers the five-kilometre-long Huitukanharju ridgeline from Sääksjärvi to Keihäslampi. An old track runs along the top of the long, narrow ridge, bordered by waterways, and the fine scenery is a delight to explore for a long time.

The Huitukka ridge area contains evidence of historical and prehistoric structures, such as World War I defensive equipment, Stone Age settlements and trapping pits. The sites are not currently marked on the map. The Repokivet-stones, located on the peninsula between Lakes Vuoreinen and Souru, have been a popular hiking destination in the past. The Huitukanharju area has good mushroom and berry picking areas. During a nature hike, you can take a picnic break, for example, sitting on a rocky outcrop.

Getting to the destination

The easiest way to get to the area is by bicycle from the direction of Vehmaa: turn off Pieksämäentie onto Huitukantie and continue to the ridge section. By car, the easiest way to reach the area is via Vuorenmaa: turn from Vuorenmaantie to Mutaselänantie and drive to the beginning of Sääksjärventie. The Sääkjärventie, which runs along the Harjuselännie, is rocky and narrow and is not suitable for driving a car.

The area is free to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature, but campfires are strictly forbidden all year round.

Juvan kunta

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