Hop On Hop Off Mikkeli – Charming manors and gardens

The many manors in the Mikkeli region reflect the long and impressive military and administrative history of the City of Mikkeli. Some of these attractive manors date back as far as the 16th century.

Many of the manors are nowadays diverse tourist resorts with restaurants serving authentic local delicacies, with accommodation services, shops selling local produce and handicrafts, plenty of activities, and of course, a beautiful, blooming garden.

During the day trip we will visit three wonderful manors and garden attractions: Tertti Manor, Heikkilä Herbal farm and Vanha Kilkkilä, a traditional farmhouse.

At the attractions, you will have the opportunity to hear about the history of the places, marvel the flourishing gardens, enjoy the delicious foods and shop local specialties. You will have time to enjoy lunch at Tertti Manor and afternoon coffee or tea at Vanha Kilkkilä.

Remember to book the servings when booking the day trip. 


  • The day trips will be organised according to the epidemic restrictions. Join the trip only if you are healthy. 
  • The day trip is partly guided.

Tour itinerary:

11:00 Mikkeli bus station
11:15 Charter bus stop by the market place
11:30−13:00 Tertti Manor
13:15−14:15 Heikkilä Herbal farm
14:40−15:40 Vanha Kilkkilä
16:15 Charter bus stop by the market place
16:30 Mikkeli bus station

The detailed trip program will be sent to the participants the day before the trip.

Price of the trip:

19 € / person / adult
5 € / person / child under 15 years
Children under 3 years can participate free of charge.

Prices include: Bus transportation to the attractions. Some of the trips have a tour leader.

The day trip will be organised on Saturdays 1−31 July 2021

You can also purchase a one-way trip to the destinations from our online shop.

Destinations of Hop On Hop Off Mikkeli – Charming manors and gardens day trip