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Top beaches in the Mikkeli region

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In the Mikkeli region, there are plenty of clear-water beaches for swimming. There are many swimming spots for a trip with the “water beasts”. Several natural beaches, as well as Visulahti Waterpark, Rantakeidas Swimming Hall, and Sampola Aquatic Centre, entertain children and the whole family. Welcome to splash around! We have gathered a list of TOP beaches for summer days.

Beaches in Mikkeli

Pitkäjärvi Beach is located just over two kilometers from the center of Mikkeli. The beach has a beach volleyball and basketball court, a pier, and an accessible ramp to the water. Additionally, there are changing rooms, toilets, and a rescue boat available. The terrain of the beach is flat, and the parking lot is about 50 meters away.

Kaihu Beach. On this sunny beach near the center of Mikkeli, there is a playground, a beach volleyball court, a pier, and a diving tower. There is also a rescue boat available. The area is hilly, and the parking lot is about 450 meters away.

Pankalammi Beach is located near the center of Mikkeli. The beach has two piers, a diving board, a beach volleyball court, changing rooms, and toilets. There is also a rescue boat available. The terrain of the beach is hilly, and the parking lot is about 70 meters away. In the winter, Pankalampi Beach is also suitable for ice swimming.

Beaches in Puumala

Norppapolku trail runs through varied heathland, sandy coves, and beautiful shoreline cliffs. There are also wetlands along the route, and in Kataalahti, there is a viewpoint and a steep cliff that is not suitable for people with mobility impairments. The Kotkatsaari loop is the easiest section of the route to navigate. On the eastern shore of Kotkatsaari, there is a beautiful sandy beach, and on the western shore, there is a picnic harbor, swimming spot, campfire site, pier, and outdoor toilet.

Rokansaari island's particularly enjoy the stunning natural sandy beaches and the island's interior lakes, especially Umpilampi, where you can take a dip in turquoise waters from the sauna stairs.

Pistohiekka beach and and changing rooms are freely available. Access to the beach and tourist and camping areas is via the new Pistohiekanraitti road.


Karihiekka is located near the Luonteri Nature Reserve, and the route to the beach passes through protected areas. In addition to beautiful scenery, Luonteri offers clean and clear waters, and Karihiekka is one of Juva’s most popular beaches. The Saimaa Geopark destination sign is located near the beach.

Puottopaikan piitsi is sandy beach located near the village of Koikkala, with changing rooms, a grill shelter, and a volleyball court. The beach is maintained by the Koikkala Village Association.

Jukajärvi beach is located near the center of Juva, with changing rooms.


Kangasniemen uimala, Kangasniemi town beach, is located on Satamatie. The beach has a maintenance building with changing rooms and toilets. There is also a beach volleyball court next to the swimming pool. The pool features a diving tower with platforms at heights of 1-3 meters.

Suurola Beach is a public beach located in Suurolanlahti, Puula. The beach has changing rooms available.

Sienijärvi Beach is a public beach located along Vihaventie.


Roosin uimaranta beach is located in the village cenre by Papinkanava. There are toilets on the beach.  


Pekkolanlammen uimaranta is a sandy beach with a dock, beach volly court and a changing booth.

Haapaseläntien uimaranta is a swimming place with a long dock.

Kurkiniementien uimaranta is located on Asematie street near the train station of Mäntyharju. 


In Pertunmaa, try Kisarannan rantauimalaKuortin uimapaikka and Peruveden uimapaikka swimming places.