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Tips for a lovely cottage day at Lake Saimaa

See & do

Go for a morning swim along your own shore in clean water.

Enjoy your morning coffee on the patio or jetty.

Take the boat  and try to catch fish or enjoy the lake scenery and let your mind rest during a summer day on Lake Saimaa.

Go shopping in the local shop or marketplace, try local delicacies or purchase fresh ingredients to barbeque at the cottage.

Challenge your family and friends in a friendly match of darts, ‘mölkky’ throwing pin game, badminton, croquet or game cards. While playing you can heat up the grill and barbeque the sausages for the whole group. 

Carry firewood to the sauna and when necessary, carry the washing water in buckets from the lake and start heating up. 

Heat up the sauna.

Take off your clothes and enjoy the sauna heat.

Cool off in the lake and enjoy the sauna heat.

Sit down on the patio, enjoy a cool beverage and admire the Finnish summer night. 

Go to bed relaxed with calm mind, surrounded by the sounds of lakeside nature.