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Sauna etiquette

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Sauna is a place for relaxation. In sauna, you are connected to the surrounding nature. In a lakeside sauna,you can hear the black-throated loon calling on the lake and the chirping of small birds outside the sauna.

The make the most of your sauna experience, take into consideration the following etiquette. 

Sauna etiquette

Prepare for sauna in a non-hurried mind set and with peaceful thoughts. Leave your phone and other equipment outside, strip off your clothes and your mind of thoughts, take into consideration other sauna goers and that sauna is dedicated for calming down.

Inside, conversations should be carried with a low voice while respecting the spirit of sauna. According to Finnish folklore, the sauna elf gets upset if someone behaves in a disruptive manner in sauna.

Sauna cleanses both the body and mind. Hot, pure air does you good and takes away futile worries. A sauna whisk made of birch leaves provides pleasure, deep-cleanses and refreshes the skin. However, the other sauna goers should be taken into consideration while whisking making sure to avoid the burning sensation of hot air imposed on the person sitting next to you. 

  • Start whisking your hands, then your arms towards the heart and upwards from your feet.

  • Whisk the abdomen and lower back, shoulders and sides.

  • Be careful not to “hit” too hard with the sauna whisk.

  • Always whisk starting from your limbs and work your way towards the heart!

  • In the Finnish sauna, you always throw water on the sauna stove. Start slowly and with a small amount of water.  

Instructions for going to sauna

  1. Heat up the sauna to a suitable temperature (approx. 80 degrees).
  2. Take off your clothes and have a drink of water.
  3. Wash up, put on a sauna hat to protect your hair, take a sauna seat cover with you.
  4. Enjoy the initial sauna heat in a quite dry sauna, then start throwing water calmly on the sauna stove but do not use the sauna whisk, because your skin has not yet softened.
  5. After the first round of sweating, go take a shower or possibly go swimming.
  6. Enjoy the first cooling session and a refreshing sauna beverage.
  7. Go in for another round of sauna heat gently whisking with the sauna whisk.
  8. Wash thoroughly. 
  9. Cool off outside and have a drink of water.
  10. Go in for one or more rounds of sauna heat, but remember to cool off too.
  11. At the end, wash or, if possible, go swimming.
  12.  Dry your skin gently, put on skin lotion and dress calmly
  13. Thank the sauna for the good experience, say goodbye to the sauna elf, drink and eat afterwards.
  14. Enjoy the peaceful feeling and remember that you may start feeling sleepy soon after going to sauna!