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Inspiration tour to luxury treasures of Lake Saimaa


Make an inspirational tour and find natural luxury treasures of Saimaa!

Day 1: PihlasResort

Arriving at Helsinki Airport and continuing to PihlasResort by private helicopter. It is also possible to arrive by private plane to
Joroinen Airport (30 min drive). Optional pick up from Helsinki Airport by private car transfer (3,5 h drive). PihlasResort is a luxurious eco-resort in Saimaa region which offers an unforgettable getaway in the middle of the most beautiful nature.

Pihlas first-class hideaway invites you to return over and over again – to heal, enjoy, and relax with all your senses. Pihlas combines a luxury resort with first-class service. During your stay you can enjoy the variety of activities and experience the beautiful Finnish nature in every season. In PihlasResort electric vehicles are free to use during your stay and there is also an option to have a driver for an additional fee.

Concierge-service, room service and electric vehicles are available 24/7.

Restaurant with tables and chairs and wide windows opening to a lake.
Beach club Koto of PihasResort.
  • Arriving at PihlasResort, check in to Garden Villa and private tour of the premises
  • Welcome drinks in Winter Garden and time for relaxing
  • Enjoyable full-course dinner at Restaurant Siimes
  • Experience the nature on your plate, designed and cooked by Pihlas' head chef

Day 2 - PihlasResort

  • Breakfast tailored to your personal taste at Restaurant Siimes
  • Activities of your choice: forest meditation / gym / tennis / padel - all the activities and sport equipment are available
  • free of charge
  • Delicious lunch and time for relaxing
  • Enjoying spa treatments and pampering in the private lakeside sauna “Henki”
  • Relaxing in outdoor jacuzzi and streamline pool and refreshing dip into Lake Pihlas
  • Private dinner at Koto Clubhouse by the lake

Day 3 - Mikkeli, the city of headquarters

  • Breakfast tailored to your personal taste in Restaurant Siimes
  • Check out and transfer to Mikkeli (c. 45 min drive)
  • Arriving at Tertti Manor and private garden tour with rose petal sparkling drink
  • Delicious grand buffet in the Manor House

Tertti Manor is an authentic family farm located in Mikkeli in the Saimaa region of Finnish Lakeland. Tertti’s 4-hectare garden
is a haven for any green fingered gardener, garden lover or aesthetician. The delicacies of the checkered garden include captivating herbs as well as color-sown rootstocks and apple, damson and plum orchards.

In the spring, the courtyard of the manor is decorated with blossoming cherry trees. During the summer in the rose garden
you can take in the stunning scent of Tertti’s own rose, which has been cultivated to match the exact colour of the manor over
100 years ago. The tour also includes a visit to the secret walled garden which has plenty of stories to tell from the days gone past.

An old, wooden manor house and a woman in a pink dress standing in front of it.
Tertti Manor in Mikkeli.
  • Transfer to Headquarters City Mikkeli

Mikkeli, the headquarters during three different wars, is located in South-Savo, in the heart of Lakeland Finland. The city, which was founded in 1838, is well-known especially for its military history. In contrast to this, Mikkeli also has beautiful manors, numerous destinations of nature, and Lake Saimaa to offer. In addition to that, Mikkeli is also the holiday capital of Finland - there are over 29 000 cottages in Mikkeli region!

  • Visit to Muisti Centre of War and Peace

Muisti Centre of War and Peace is a modern museum which examines the effects of war from the perspective of human experience. The interactive exhibition at Muisti enables you to understand what war felt like for those who were confronted by it,
how it affected society at the time, and how it still affects it today.

A large three-story building with several windows and a front yard.
Muisti Centre of War and Peace in the authentic headquarters building during the war in the 20th century. 
  • Visit to Mikkeli market place to experience the local atmosphere
  • Transfer to Sahanlahti Resort

Situated in Puumala, in the heart of the Lake Saimaa region c. 40 min drive from Mikkeli, Elsanranta Saimaavillas are the newest
addition to the speciality accommodation Sahanlahti Resort offer.

  • Check in to Elsanranta Villa

Villa host will welcome you to your villa and be of assistance during your whole stay.

The villas of Elsanranta are pure luxury. The magnificent, pure nature of Lake Saimaa combined with high quality service,
modern design and sustainable choices guarantee a truly unique Saimaa experience.

Each Elsanranta villa has an unobstructed view to Lake Saimaa allowing you to enjoy the nature while relaxing in the villa, pool
or sauna. The villas are well-suited for two people. The colour scheme of the decor conforms with the surrounding nature and all the villas are built with sustainable materials using energy-efficient solutions.

The villa has a bathroom with pampering bath products and a sauna with an “always ready” stove. On the deck, there is a
Finnish, heated Drop-pool and a seating group from which you can enjoy the view of Lake Saimaa.

A room of a villa with a king-size bed and large windows to a deck where a woman and a man are bathing in a tub.
Elsanranta villas in Puumala.

Something extra in Sahanlahti Resort:

  • Private lunch in Pajapirtti Restaurant
  • Downtime or optional activity like e-bikes, hiking, SUP boarding
  • Paddling on Lake Saimaa with Saimaa Canoeing’s experienced nature guide

Saimaa Canoeing is part of the Sustainable Travel Finland network promoting responsible tourism.

Day 4 - Sahanlahti Resort

  • Breakfast of local, seasonal products at Restaurant Koskivahti
  • Private boat tour to Rokansaari Island by LakelandGTE. The boat adventure takes you to Lake Saimaa archipelago to admire great scenery and if you’re lucky, to observe the endangered Saimaa Ringed Seals and ospreys. On Rokansaari Island there is time to explore the geology of the island and enjoy outdoor coffee with your guide Arto.
  • Return to Sahanlahti and time for relaxing
  • Dinner at Restaurant Koskivahti
  • Enjoying the Villa’s own sauna and drop-pool
A covered boat with windows cruising on a lake in summer.
Guide Arto of LakelandGTE takes you to seal watching cruises. 

More optional services and activities:

• Private yoga and meditation sessions
• Healing sauna treatments

Day 5 - Sahanlahti Resort

  • Tasty breakfast at Restaurant Koskivahti
  • Transfer to Uhkua, Ristiina

Enjoy the mystic Lake Saimaa during our guided wild food experience whilst tasting the best food the region has to offer. The
charming fishing boat Juno will sail you to an island destination where the tables are set and a delicious lunch served out in the
wild on the lakeside cliffs.

Before lunch you will have the chance to admire the beautiful views and explore the mystic Astuvansalmi Rock Paintings.
Astuvansalmi in Ristiina hosts the largest rock art site in the Nordics.

Two people admiring rock paintings at the bottom of a majestic cliff.
Astuvansalmi rock paintings in Ristiina.

In Astuvansalmi, a large side profile of a human face, formed by the elements, can be seen from the lake. Ancient humans
possibly considered the shape of the rock to be a god or its image, and the place is thought to have been place of worship.

Around 80 pictures have been found on Astuvansalmi’s rock. The motifs include human figures, moose, boats, fish, lines, as well as hand and paw prints.

The lunch is prepared on open fire by Uhkua’s residential chef, using the best seasonal ingredients from the surrounding nature.
The fish is caught nearby in a seal-friendly way and the rest of the ingredients come from local producers. Sustainability is at
the heart of everything Uhkua do, and food made from local and homegrown ingredients is their passion.

  • Return to Elsanranta villas
  • Time for relaxing
  • Dinner at Restaurant Koskivahti
A man is preparing food on a large frying pan on a shore of an island .
Uhkua's chef prepares á la carte dishes full of natural flavours.

Day 6 - Return to Helsinki

  • Breakfast at the restaurant
  • Check-out and departure to Helsinki
  • On your way back to Helsinki, optional places to visit
  • Naisvuori observation tower in Mikkeli city centre
  • Kenkävero Shop for D.O. Saimaa products and souveniers
  • Art Center Salmela in Mäntyharju

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