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Five best sauna experiences in the Mikkeli region

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The Finnish sauna is probably up to 10 000 years old. The prehistoric sauna has come a long way to the modern electric saunas with their high-tech sauna stoves, but the traditional wood-heated sauna or smoke sauna are still the most popular options at cottages. 

Due to long traditions, saunas and Finland go hand-in-hand, and Mikkeli region is an oasis for sauna-lover. Feel the touch of the refreshing and healing Lake Saimaa, renew your body in the gentle warmth of a sauna, and enjoy the tranquility. In a sauna, the skin temperature and pulse rise, the metabolism speeds up and aching muscles relax. Sauna is pure health!

5 best sauna experiences in Mikkeli region:

Pistohiekka Resort in Puumala. The Nordic Nomad ranked the most unique saunas in Finland and the sauna of Pistohiekka Resort was the winner with its panoramic Lake Saimaa views. What would be more relaxing than admiring the pristine Lake Saimaa in the gentle heat of sauna.

The public saunas are available every evening during the summer season. For a private sauna experience, you can book it at any time.

P.S. For architecture lovers, good to know is that Pistohiekka-resort is even mentioned at Archdaily architecture media about its wood design and architecture.

Traditional Finnish sauna experience with local host in Uhkua. Try a traditional Finnish lakeside sauna surrounded by magnificent nature of Lake Saimaa. This sauna experience is the joint result of several senses. It connects authentic natural elements such as wood, water, fire and traditional natural elements. For example, the sauna whisk is made of birch branches. When the water hits the sauna stove, the steam spreads in the air surrounding you with the lovely smell of birches. 

During the sauna and dinner, you’ll hear stories about Finnish sauna culture and how to sauna comprehensively. After sauna it is lovely to cool down on the terrace, admire the sunset or take a last cooling dip into the clear lake water. 

You can choose traditional lakeside sauna or floating raft sauna. 

Ice sauna in Sahanlahti Resort in Puumala. Every year, the host of Sahanlahti and his helpers build an ice sauna on the shore of Sahanlahti from the ice of Lake Saimaa, weather permitting. The ice sauna is a great experience for a sauna evening or an experience to give as a gift! In addition to the ice sauna, you will have access to the sauna building Artturi's electric sauna and changing room.

Wellness Sauna in Härkäniemi Cottages. At the beginning the experience includes a little working up on outdoors for activate your body. After working up the heat of sauna cleanses the body of stresses. You can choose footbath or nourishing face mask to prepare during sauna. Despite the season, you’re able to dip into the lake – especially ice swimming is good for your circulation and relieving stress. We recommend to try out!  

Saunaworld in Landhaus Kekkola. Located 7 km from Mikkeli marketplace in the Lake Saimaa region, the atmospheric Kekkola Landhaus Manor, surrounded by forests and fields and situated on a lakeshore, is the ideal place for relaxation be it with friends, family or work colleagues. 

The atmospheric sauna world comprises of 2 saunas, a large relaxation area with a fireplace and a woodburning hot tub outside. Available for private hire, the larger sauna can accommodate up to 20 persons and the smaller one up to 6 persons. Special sauna menus are also available.