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Fascinating autumn colours in the Mikkeli region

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Mikkeli region is well-known for its natural beauty. In autumn, the region transforms into a wonderland of colors as the trees shed their leaves, painting the landscape in hues of ref, orange and yellow. 

The vibrant colors of the trees reflect in the crystal clear lakes and ponds. The calm waters of the Lake Saimaa provide the perfect backdrop for the colorful foliage, creating the breathtakingly beautiful scene.

The autumn colors in Mikkeli can be enjoyed in many ways. You can take a hike through the forests, cycle or walk through the rails. The crisp autumn air makes a perfect time to explore the countryside of Finnish Lakeland by foraging mushrooms and berries. The forests are filled with an abundance of mushrooms and berries. 

Join a mushroom excursion or go for a hike to Neitvuori Hill for example or rent a cottage to enjoy the autumn in the middle of nature.