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Tertti Manor Guided Garden Tour in Mikkeli

Tertti Manor Guided Garden Tour in Mikkeli

Tertti Manor is an authentic family farm located in Mikkeli in the Saimaa region of Finnish Lakeland. Tertti’s 4-hectare garden is a haven for any green fingered gardener, garden lover or aesthetician. The delicacies of the checkered garden include captivating herbs as well as color-sown rootstocks and apple, damson and plum orchards. In the spring, the courtyard of the manor is decorated with blossoming cherry trees. During the summer in the rose garden you can take in the stunning scent of Tertti’s own rose which has been cultivated to match the exact colour of the manor over 100 years ago. The tour also includes a visit to the secret walled garden which has plenty of stories to tell from the days gone past.

As part of your stay, you can also enjoy the finest culinary delights that the area has to offer in the most atmospheric setting. Clean locally sourced ingredients of the season, self-sufficiency and beautiful premises of the farm are the key elements of Tertti. As part of the Saimaa Gastronomy family, you can be assured you will experience the highest quality ingredients prepared with the most love and best service.

Our guided garden tours are always arranged based on prior reservations. Duration approx. 40 minutes, €5/person, minimum price €50

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