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Summer nature activities in Sahanlahti Resort, Puumala

Summer nature activities in Sahanlahti Resort, Puumala

Rent equipment from us and explore the nature!

We rent a wide range of recreational equipment for your use. Depending on the season, you can rent walking poles, rowboats, padel rackets, beach volleyballs, canoes, SUP boards, propellers, tour skates, and snowshoes.

Ask more when booking accommodation!

Come and have fun in Sahanlahti.
Come and enjoy the wonderful summer weather by the water alone or with a friend. Rent a SUP board and test your balance in Saimaa!

To cycle on the island route.
Come to Saimaa and get to know the wonderful scenery on the award-winning 60 km archipelago route. You can also rent bikes from us in Sahanlahti.

On a canoe for a day trip.
Rent a canoe and go for a relaxing day from the beach of Niskalampi towards Lake Kaitajärvi. On the way there are great narrows, rock walls, and wonderful landscapes. If you want a local guide for the trip, you can inquire about it from us in Sahanlahti in advance.

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