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Summer 2023 Uhkua's wild food dinner on the island of Lake Saimaa in June

Summer 2023 Uhkua's wild food dinner on the island of Lake Saimaa in June

Come and enjoy the atmosphere of Lake Saimaa and the best flavors of the region to our wild food dinner in nature!

Our charming fishing boat Juno will sail us to our island destination where the tables are set and a delicious dinner is served out in the wild on the lakeside cliffs.

Before dinner you will have the chance to admire the beautiful views and explore the island if you wish. You may even spot the rare Saimaa Ringed Seal if you are lucky!

The dinner is prepared on open fire by our residential chef Ilkka Arvola using the best seasonal ingredients from the surrounding nature. We grow most of the ingredients ourselves and pick mushrooms, berries and herbs in the local forests. The fish is caught nearby in a seal-friendly way and the rest of the ingredients come from local producers. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and food made from local and homegrown ingredients is our passion.

The delicious multi-course dinner has a vegetable and fish emphasis. Non-alcoholic drinks are included in the price. You can bring your own alcoholic beverages. Ask for drink recommendations by email.

First - Marinated roach, scrambled duck eggs and wild herb salad
Between - Nettle cappuccino
Main - Smoked perch, early vegetables and forest mushroom sauce
After - Dandelion creme and caramel blini

The dinner is served under a canopy and there is a lavatory on site. If the weather conditions do not allow the boat ride, the dinner is served in our log cabin.

Duration of the experience is c. 4 hrs and the optimal size of the group 8-12 persons. The dinner takes place if there are at least eight participants.

Uhkua is located 50 km from Mikkeli and 250 km from Helsinki.
Departure at 5 p.m.
Address: Suurlahdentie 3189, 52360 Someenjärvi

Reservations and more info by email: asta@uhkua.fi / Asta + 358 40 744 7631


Suurlahdentie 3189
52360 Someenjärvi

+358 40 744 7631