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Sammalinen Tour, Off Road Cycling Track

Sammalinen Tour, Off Road Cycling Track

This is an off road track to Sammalinen where you return to Mäntyharju and your starting point. This route has some demanding hilly sections, but is not technically difficult. The pathway is 1,5 metres wide and forward visibility is excellent. However, good control is required if you are to make the most of the swooping terrain. You may find also geocache nearby.

Resting Places
• Uutela shelter, 3 km from the starting point
• Sammalinen goahti, 6 km from the start

Starting point
Kyttäläntie 21, 52700 Mäntyharju

NB: On a page www.mantyharju.fi/mantyharju-in-english/ you'll find a brochure in English.

Mäntyharjun kunta

52700 Mäntyharju