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Saimaa Ringed Seal Nature Trail in Puumala

Saimaa Ringed Seal Nature Trail in Puumala

The 13 km Saimaa Ringed Seal hiking trail will introduce you the diverse scenery of wonderful Lake Saimaa. As one of the selected geosites of Unesco Saimaa Geopark, the hiking trail offers you several options of trails of varied distance (2.8 km, 3 km and 4 km) and information on the region's geological history.

The trail winds though coniferous forests, rocky beaches and wetlands. Most of the trail is easily accessible but there are some steep cliffs which are not suitable for persons with limited mobility.

Why not end your hike at the newly-built lean-to shelter with three campfire sites and enjoy a nice picnic by the lake? The lean-to is located next to a parking lot and also has a toilet available. Firewood is provided free of charge. The trail is suitable for all ages and is accessible all year-round.

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