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Saimaa lake cruise

Saimaa lake cruise

Hey! We will take you and your party to the most beautiful lake in the world, Saimaa, on a cruise according to your wishes. We can pack swimming equipment and picnic lunches or direct the cruise to one of the lunch spots on the shores of Saimaa.
Aboard the m/s Anttola, you are truly in the "arms" of Saimaa, where you can feel the summer breeze and the occasional crashing waves on your face.
m/s Anttola is a twelve-passenger open boat with which we do charter cruises mainly from the port of Anttola, but the place of departure and return can be agreed on a case-by-case basis also elsewhere. Destinations can always be defined according to the travelers' wishes.
The boat is not barrier-free and clothing must always be appropriate for the weather.

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