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Rokansaari - a paradise island on the lake Saimaa

Rokansaari - a paradise island on the lake Saimaa

Rokansaari Island boasts with sandy beaches, ridges and pine forests. There are also fine inland ponds on the island. At the turquoise Umpilampi pond there is an old traditional sauna. The exceptionally beautiful nature of this islands attracts also the local nature lovers.

Best time to visit the island is when the lake water is warm and you can enjoy swimming on these natural beaches made by the ice age.

It has been a hidden gem, so please take care of the nature! Do not litter, make fire only on marked spots, avoid loud noises and use paths.
The boat marina, camp site and toilets are run by the Saimaa Recreational Association.

Check the Saimaa Geopark geosite, to see more about the island and geology.

There can be organized many kinds of trips to the island (boat taxi, guided tours, canoeing trips). For example Lakeland GTE, Guide Tiina, Saimaa Canoeing and Nestorinranta. Please check www.visitpuumala.fi

It is also possible to stay overnight at the island. You can set your tent there for a short period.
There are also some traditional finnish summer cottages. They are modest and equipped in retro style, with no electricity and running water. What could be a better place for a digital detox holiday?

The Rokansaari recreation area is owned by the Saimaa Association for Recreation Areas. Cottage renters have access to rowing boats for rowing on to the island (others are not allowed).
Cottage rental:
Pidä Saaristo Siistinä ry
+358 15 514 648 (8-16 on weekdays)

About the geology and nature of the island: https://saimaageopark.fi/en/geosites/rokansaari-island-esker-terrain/

Rental retro cottages (in finnish): https://www.pidasaaristosiistina.fi/roope-palvelut/rokansaaren_mokit

Recreational area, camping, sauna etc. (in finnish):

Visit Puumala

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