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Puukonvuori shelter

Puukonvuori shelter

The area of Puukonvuori shelter has been built especially for paddlers and boaters. In winter you can reach the shelter by the ski trail on ice. The nature between Hallanlampi – Itkonlahti is very versatile consisting of bare and steep terrain and beautiful cliffs. The scenery to lake Kallavesi is astonishing. Facilities include firewood and an outhouse. The area is also suitable for year-round fishing.

The rock paintings in the Puukonvuori area are related to the concentration of rock paintings in Eastern Finland. The paintings are associated with the Stone Age hunting culture. Some of the traces on the high rock walls may have been dated between 3500 BC and 500 AD based on the ancient shore height. When flooded Saimaa in ancient times reached the lakes of Mäntyharju and its waters flowed for some time through the area's route towards the sea, the region was the most important route for the fishing population moving from one place to another. Through the lakes of Mäntyharju, it was possible to move from the Kymijoki area to the vast back of Lake Saimaa. In the rock paintings of Mäntyharju, passing is better reflected than settling. In conclusion, thousands of years ago, Mäntyharju was already a landscape for travelers.

Mäntyharjun kunta

Puukonvuorentie 76
52700 Mäntyharju