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Pirtin Perinnepuisto - Pirtti Tradition Park

Pirtin Perinnepuisto - Pirtti Tradition Park

The beautiful park with its traditional garden plants is next door to the Rantatori market square on lake Puulavesi. The park boasts more than 200 traditional plant varieties from Kangasniemi. The old-fashioned plants are donations from people all over the municipality. They all represent particular varieties that have been grown in Kangasniemi for ages, hundreds of years even. Some are medicinal plants, others were grown for decorative purposes or as herbs. Thanks to the tradition park’s abundance of information on old plant varieties, it has become a nationally famous point of interest. The plants are labelled in Finnish and Latin.
The park also has a small bandstand, Pikku Pirtti, a number of sculptures and a fountain.
The park was established by Kangasniemen Pihapuutarhurit gardening society.


Satamatie 16
51200 Kangasniemi