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Naisvuori Observation Tower, the café on the ground floor, and the surrounding park area stand out as some of Mikkeli's most renowned landmarks and popular summer attractions. Situated atop a hill, the tower claims the highest point in Mikkeli, towering 43 meters above Lake Saimaa and 122 meters above sea level.

In the 19th century, Naisvuori Hill boasted a park, a restaurant, and a gazebo. A water tower designed by architect A. Lindqvist was built on the site of the gazebo between 1911 and 1912, making it the second oldest water tower in Finland and the oldest one still standing. Since 1953 the tower has served as an observation tower.

Legend has it that the hill derived its name from women who climbed the rock to witness the events of either the Cudgel War in 1597 or the Battle of Porrassalmi in 1789. Throughout the Winter War and the Continuation War, the water tower was used by the air defense. Later, from the Continuation War onwards, Naisvuori’s rock cavern became the site of Lokki, the Headquarters' communications centre. Following the wars, the cavern was expanded and now accommodates the Naisvuori swimming pool, which opened in 1971.

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