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Mikkelipuisto Park

Mikkelipuisto Park

Mikkelipuisto is a versatile and phenomenal garden tourist attraction in Mikkeli in Southern Savo. In Mikkelipuisto you will find lots of ideas for your own garden; you will enjoy tasty food cooked from quality ingredients and take home the plants of the season, not to mention souvenirs. Mikkelipuisto also organises varied events all year round, so familiarise yourself with our event offers at www.mikkelipuisto.fi.

Stunning and versatile Garden Park

You will find numerous hints and ideas to enhance your own garden by visiting model gardens designed and constructed by different companies. The companies in central roles showcase their know-how and products with the model gardens they have designed and constructed. Mikkelipuisto already has nearly 140 companies and communities and new visual wonders are constructed in the park as new member companies join us.

Pursialankatu 5
50100 Mikkeli

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