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Mikkeli’s 13th Illustration Triennial

Mikkeli’s 13th Illustration Triennial

Mikkeli’s 13th Illustration Triennial exhibition displays 79 works of art by 52 illustrators. The Illustration Triennial presents the diversity of contemporary illustration and its in-creasingly wide range of uses, from traditional prints to works spreading into urban spaces. All the works of art chosen for the exhibition have been published over the last three years. The exhibition’s international guest is illustrator and visual artist Mari Kanstad Johnsen (b. 1981) from Norway. She is one of the most highly regarded contemporary illustrators in Norway, and her works have been published across Europe and the United States. Mikkeli Art Museum and the Association of Visual Communication Designers in Finland, Grafia, established the event in 1987, and the Finnish Illustration Association joined it in 2008.

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