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Mäntyharju–Repovesi Canoeing & Kayaking Route

Mäntyharju–Repovesi Canoeing & Kayaking Route

Mäntyharju-Repovesi paddling route is not difficult and is suitable for those who have no experience, but the larger stretches of water may be hard work during strong winds. The crossing of Voikoski carrying section is approximately 700 meters, so make sure you are prepared for that distance. There’s one canoecarriage, a solid ground and it’s made easier to land on the water. You may find also geocache nearby.

Resting places
Miekankoski area and cafe,
Pieni Linnasaari,
Linkkumylly (cafe),
Orilampi Holiday Center,
Hillosensalmi train station,
Mustavuori goahti (needs reservation),
Kuutinlahti fireplace

Sights and Services
Miekankoski The Old Log Rolling Museum, Blacksmith’s Smithy,
Turku Peace Monument and summer café. Fishing permits are
available there. You can arrive by road and start paddling here
if you want to avoid the Pyhävesi stretch. You can see the old
Virransalmi museum bridge which was built 1936.

Starting point
Asematie, 52700 Mäntyharju

NB: On a page www.mantyharju.fi/mantyharju-in-english/ you'll find a brochure in English.

Mäntyharjun kunta

52700 Mäntyharju