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Lustig ski trail

Lustig ski trail

The Lustig ski trail is not technically very challenging since most of the uphill and downhill parts of the trail are long and gently sloping. However, it is a very variable 20.4 km route, where you have the possibility to enjoy the nature of Mäntyharju at its best. There is also a juice stand at the trail, where you can stop for warm juice donated by local shop owners. The juice is free of charge. Whilst taking a little rest at the stand you can also leave your name in the visitor’s book. At the end of each year, the person who has skied the most rounds on this trail will be rewarded. Another location for taking a break is the Uutela Shelter 14.5 km from the center of Mäntyharju. At the shelter you will find firewood, a wood shelter, and an outhouse.

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