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Lakeistenranta Camping Sauna in Anttola, Mikkeli

Lakeistenranta Camping Sauna in Anttola, Mikkeli

We will heat the family sauna, which is booked in advance, with trees ready for you. Our sauna is comfortably right on the lake so it is easy to take a dip in the water. There is a dressing room, a washroom with a shower and a steam room with a capacity of max. 5 people at a time. Shifts start at regular hours mainly at. From 16. and are 50 min in length. (unless you take more than one turn in a row).

20€/50min. (1-5 pers.)

Lakeistenranta Camping

Pitkälahdentie 215
52100 Anttola mikkeli




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