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Kenkävero meeting and celebration venue

Kenkävero meeting and celebration venue

Kenkävero is an excellent and atmospheric place for different kind of meeting and celebration venues. The beautiful vicarage environment, carefully restored main building and the atmospheric chambers create the best setting for your celebration, whether it is a family or business celebration. Our facilities are suitable for parties or meetings of many sizes.

The Kenkävero´s pavilion is also a cozy meeting- and celebration place for about 30 people right on the shore of Lake Saimaa.

You can choose from our ready-made meeting packages or we can tailor the program to suit your group. The dishes are prepared with respect for the local ingredients, using domestic meat and listening to your wishes. Fresh breads and other pastries are baked in the Kenkävero’s own bakery.

Contact us, and let´s make the day to suit your wishes!


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