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Kenkävero´s Winter Menu

Kenkävero´s Winter Menu

Kenkävero´s Winter Menu is served at weekends (Saturdays and Sundays from 11 to 15)
Rainbow trout ceviche DF, GF
Fish jelly and rye bread fried in butter LF
Lettuce DF, GF, V
Pickled cucumber DF, GF, V
Oven-dried tomato DF, GF, V
Vicarage’s traditional potato salad (contains egg) MF, GF
Spicy red cabbage salad DF, GF, V
Yoghurt Chicken LF,GF

Vicarage’s meat stew DF, GF
Pureed organically produced root vegetables LF,GF
Roasted organic potatoes DF, GF

A selection of bread from our bakery

Citrus cheesecake (contains egg) LF
Cranberry smoothie LF, GF
Coffee and tea

Price: 29 €/person
Children under twelve: 1€/year


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