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Keisarinlähde - Canoeing & Kayaking Tour

Keisarinlähde - Canoeing & Kayaking Tour

This five lake tour with ever changing scenery is an ideal 2–3 day paddling trip. The tour has an added attraction due to location of the rest and overnight stopping places. The 15–20 km day trips with the stops and carrying sections are comfortably achievable. Keisarinlähde is very likely one of the few places in Finland where water bottles can be safely filled whilst sitting in a kayak. You may find also geocache nearby.

The story is that Emperor Alexander I stopped for refreshments at Kallavesi Keisarinlahde on 10th June 1803 when inspecting the Russian – Swedish border.

Starting point
Asematie, 52700 Mäntyharju

Resting places
Puukonvuori 15 km from the start,
Iso-Mäntysaari 17 km from Puukonvuori,
Taina Shelter 10 km from Iso-Mäntysaari

NB: On a page www.mantyharju.fi/mantyharju-in-english/ you'll find a brochure in English.

Mäntyharjun kunta

52700 Mäntyharju