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Kapiaisen Lomamökit/Kapiainen Holiday Cottages in Mäntyharju

Kapiaisen Lomamökit/Kapiainen Holiday Cottages in Mäntyharju

The Kapiainen Holiday Cottages are located on Highway 15, in the village of Halmeniemi, Mäntyharju municipality. The cottages and villas, which lie on the shores of Kukasjärvi and Korpijärvi, come in all sizes and have various levels of modern equipment in them. These vacation houses are especially fitting for families with children, small groups and fishing enthusiasts.

Our family enterprise has been letting holiday cottages since the 1968, so we have a lot of experience and know what our customers expect from us. The cottages have been built right beside the water, on sunny and protected beach plots. You can enjoy the morning and evening sun in our cottages and the peaceful environment that is so ideal for getting rest from the bustling city life.

Our premises are great for active vacations – you can swim, go to the sauna, take boat trips and practice fishing. The surrounding lakes have low banks, sandy bottoms and crystal clear water, which makes them great for fishing and swimming. The terrain around the cottages is perfect for picking berries and mushrooms.

In the winter, our newest cottage boasts the option of refreshing ice hole dips. A bathing barrel can be ordered to be set up in the yard of your cottage. The winter season also opens up a lot of opportunities for skiing in the forests, and even on ice tracks around the Korpijärvi cottages.

There are convenient transport connection from the cottages to towns: Mäntyharju is about 30 km, Helsinki 200 km, Mikkeli 50 km, Kouvola 60 km and Lappeenranta about 80 km away.

Come and enjoy the beautiful lake scenery of Halmeniemi!

Kapiaisen Lomamökit

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