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Ice ski tracks

Ice ski tracks

Ice skiing is a great experience and technically easier compared to inland skiing as there are no ups and downs. If you are a beginner on skis - we recommend a short route from the Kirkonkylä car park to the Pappilanniemi break to the Nuotioniemi shelter (approximately 1 km / direction). You can also walk and pull a sledge on the ice (on the dog walking track). Along the Siirlahti ice ski track you can reach the inland routes as well as the Uutela shelter and from Kallahti you can get to Puukonvuori. The sports department of the municipality makes routes on the ice whenever possible. We will indicate on the signs at the departure points of the routes if the ice is not safe.

Kurkiniemi – Vihantasalmi Neste – Kurkiniemi
One-way traditional style ski track. On lake Pyhävesi there is also a snowmobile track maintained by the local Mäntyharju-Pertunmaa club, so stay close to the shore. If you’d like to take the route to Vihantasalmi Neste and back, you should book 3 - 4 hours. The length of the trip is almost 30 kilometers in total.

Kurkiniemi – Kirkonkylä
The routes from Kurkiniemi to the old parish (Kirkonkylä ) next to art center Salmela are two-way and are also suitable for skate skiing. There is a hiking trail next to the ski trail, as well as a dog walking trail and track. The routes are wide, and it is easy to navigate from the routes to the Pappilanniemi break in the Nuotioniemi shelter, where you will find firewood and an outhouse.

Kallahti - Puukonvuori
Puukonvuori shelter has firewood and an outhouse.

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