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Guide Tiina’s nature & paddling services on Lake Saimaa

Guide Tiina’s nature & paddling services on Lake Saimaa

Taiga Estate – Haukkovuori Cliffs

Nature Guide Tiina’s Taiga “organic wellness” estate in Pienniemi is at the site of an ancient settlement with a rich cultural heritage. The estate is on the Veskansa canoeing route (access via Road 62). Taiga estate area is a Saimaa Geosite and part of the Puumala Archipelago Route.

With guided tours, you can safely get to know the nature of the archipelago, at best you can see the Saimaa Ringed Seal and hear stories about the nature.

Experience Saimaa's most beautiful landscapes by paddling, hiking, cycling, climbing or snowshoeing.
During the Guide Tiina's trip, you will get to know the amazing sights of Saimaa Geopark with the expertise of an experienced nature guide in these destinations, such as Haukkovuori or Pistohiekka Saimaa Unesco Geopark nature sites.

We offer nature services for travelers:

*Cabin accommodation, overnight in a lean-to, a tent or a larger, traditional Sami tent called a goahti
* Saunas and wild herb treatments
* Organic food by the campfire at the Pohjantähti lean-to or the Metsäkota goahti
* Canoe and kayak rentals

We also arrange safaris and guided TaigaHikes canoe trips and forest treks to ancient, sacred rock formations by the Haukkovuori cliffs (only 1 km by waterway to Haukkovuori, a Saimaa Geosite).


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