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Green Gold Cultural Road through Southern Savo

Green Gold Cultural Road through Southern Savo

The Green Gold Culture Road is an official 250 km tourist route in Southern Savo and runs from Mäntyharju to Punkaharju through Ristiina, Puumala, Sulkava and Savonlinna. The route winds through exceptionally beautiful landscapes and allows visitors to admire the area's rich cultural heritage, which has been strongly linked to the forest throughout history. There are several wonderful places to visit and a wide range of services, products and events provided by local entrepreneurs to be enjoyed along the route. The Green Gold Culture Road leads you to the many treasures of the forest and the glittering blue Lake Saimaa.

There are sixteen fascinating sites along the Green Gold Culture Road that introduce visitors to Finnish forest culture and history as well as the relationship between Finnish people and the forest. The sites along the route form an interesting mixture of cultural and natural environments. You can also explore the surrounding nature on foot or by bike at many of the sites.

You can explore the Green Gold Culture Road through a fascinating audio story, which combines the turning points of local forest culture with folk tales of forest mysticism from the Finnish Literature Society archives. The audio story is available in Finnish and English through the free Glopas app and can be listened to while driving or riding a bike. The story for each site starts automatically when you approach the site and offers new perspectives on the sites along the route.

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