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Charter cruises on M/S Aino on Lake Saimaa

Charter cruises on M/S Aino on Lake Saimaa

Welcome to cruise the waves of Yövesi!

M/S AINO is a historic inland ship built in 1893 that has served passengers in Saimaa and Päijänte. Today Aino's home is in Ristiina on Lake Saimaa. Skipper Otto knows the waters of the nearby area very well, and you will be able to pass between islands and open channels on the natural beautiful waters. Our special destination is the prehistoric rock paintings of Astuvansalmi and the open channels of Lake Someenjärvi. Saimaa ringed seals come near to Astuvan Aino from time to time to greet us on cruises.

Aino's home port in Ristiina is only a 15-minute drive from Mikkeli and opens the gate to the most beautiful Saimaa right from the port.

AINO-BUSSI complements our service and gives the possibility of a flexible cruise offer for groups as well. The Aino-Bus can also be reserved for charter, especially during the winter. The 48-seater tourist model bus is a high-quality and competitive choice for groups. The car has a toilet and mains power available.

You can inquire about cruises or road transport at +358 40 705 8043/Otto Ravantti or astuvanaino@gmail.com


Brahentie 32
52300 Ristiina