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Taste Saimaa Cruise from Mikkeli port

Taste Saimaa Cruise from Mikkeli port

27.7. 2024 M/S Aino and Chef Ilkka Arvola offer an unforgettable food experience on a summery July evening at 7 p.m. in Saimaa in honor of TASTE-SAIMAA gastronomy year.
Cruise starts at Mikkeli harbor, Laiturikatu 3 Mikkeli.

Arvola's expertise and knowledge of Saimaa's wild food and the region's producers is undoubtedly the best possible. Ilkka has been the chef and flag bearer of the D.O. Saimaa label of origin for several years, as well as the exclusive representative of our food event in Astuvansalmi and others, offering uncompromising freshness and flavors from the pure nature of Southern Savo. Undoubtedly, this time too most of the ingredients are collected or caught by the master himself.

In addition to the four dishes, there is a drink package for sale, which is designed to go with the menu from starters to desserts.

The cruise and dining are carried out in the spirit of the forest-men, without unnecessary effort and without compromising on quality.

The menu will be refined in the spring before the start of the sailing season.


Satamakatu 3, Mikkeli
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