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01.05 - 30.10



Information & bookings:

Raijan Aitta
Katariina Turman
Kipparintie 2, 52110 Majavesi, Finland
+35850 3054332


Price includes

  • accessories and a chance to taste
  • recipe for preparing jam
  • own jam tagged and decorated in personal way
  • cooking utensils and aprons

Extra services

  • Home - made lunch starting from 15€/person
  • Coffee & pastry 5,50€/person
  • Cottages for rent


  • Possibility to visit a traditional local finnish farm
  • Get to know locals and their way of living
  • Linen Shop on-site available

Cooking course - berry jam

Welcome to an interesting cooking course to a real farm! Course is held at Raijan Aitta farm, which has a long tradition in berry growing. Strawberry harvesting began in the 1970´s after the farm no longer had livestock. During this course, we make delicious berry jam from berries from our plantation or from the forest. We pick up strawberries, raspberries or blackcurrants from our plantation, blueberries and lingonberries from the nearby forests. In the summer season we use fresh raw materials, other seasons traditionally frozen berries. The jam is made out of berries and sugar by cooking according to a traditional recipe. The delicious taste of berries is well presented in a sweet jam. Berry jam is used in desserts, pastries, porridge, ice cream and also as with main dish. Each participant gets their own jam with a label.

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