Rock Art on the Water Congress 6.-9.6.2022 Laukaa & Mikkeli-Finland

Rock Art on the Water
- rock art sites by the seas, lakes and rivers

International Congress 6-9 June, 2022, taking place in two separate cities, Laukaa and Mikkeli, Finland

Finland is hosting the international Rock Art Congress for the first time, and it is sponsored by the Prehistoric Rock Art Trails organization, Mikkeli Development Miksei Ltd and City of Laukaa. 

There will be a visit to the Saraakallio rock art site on June 7th for the international participants, organized by the city of Laukaa. The event continues in Mikkeli on June 8th with a visit to the Astuvansalmi rock art site. Both of these sites are on the water, hence the visits will be by boats.

The event culminates on June 9th to the Rock Art on the Water Congress in Mikkeli, at the Muisti Centre of War and Peace. 

Themes of the congress are the European rock art sites along water, their possibilities and future challenges, as well as academic research into rock art. More details below in the program.

The congress is free and open to everyone with an interest into rock art. The lectures will be held mostly in English and Spanish with online translation to select languages available. In order to access the translation, please make sure to bring your mobile phone and a compatible set of headphones.

The congress will also be streamed online. The link will be sent by email a day prior to everyone who has registered for the streaming by 6.6.2022. 

More information on the lecturers at the bottom of this page.

See you there!

Welcome to the international rock art congress "Rock Art on the Water" in Mikkeli on June 9, 2022. Free and open entry to all with interest in rock art. 

Rock art on the Water -seminar

June 9, 2022 • Mikkeli, Finland
Auditorium - Muisti Center of War and Peace


9:30 Coffee and refreshments

10:00 Words of welcome and introductions
Tarja Pönniö-Kanerva – Project Manager, GeoNaCu Saimaa -project
Pirjo Siiskonen – President of the municipal council of Mikkeli, Finland

10:20 Saimaa Geopark, a unique area of geological, ecological and historic interest
TBA – Saimaa Geopark, Finland

10.30 PRAT-CARP, Prehistoric Rock Art Trails, a network of cultural and tourism destinations around European rock art sites
Ph.D. Ramón Montes – Technical coordinator of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe Prehistoric Rock Art Trails

11.00 Short intermission

11.15 Rock Art at the Water's Shore. Waterscapes and the public presentation of open-air rock art sites in Europe.
Ph.D. José Manuel Rey-Garcia – Director of Pontevedra Museum, Galicia, Spain. Head of the Scientific Committee of Prehistoric Rock Art Trails Cultural Route.

11:45 Sailing the river in the Côa Valley Archaelogical Park. Prehistoric rock art and fluvial landscapes in the North of Portugal.
Ph.D. Aida Carvalho – President of Côa Valley Foundation, Portugal. Vice-chairperson of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe Prehistoric Rock Art Trails

12:15 Lunch

13:15 Prehistoric sites of the Vézère Valley. Prehistory and Tourism along the rivers of Périgord region (Dordogne, France)
Valérie Coustillas – Office Manager, Regional Council of Dordogne-Périgord, France

13:45 The Elk Motif in the Stone Age Rock Art of Northern Europe
Ville Mantere - Doctoral Candidate, Department of Archaeology, University of Turku, Finland

14:15 Short intermission

14:45 Acoustics and auditory culture at hunter-gatherer rock art sites in Northern Europe, Siberia and North America
Riitta Rainio – Academy Research Fellow, University of Helsinki, Finland

15:15 Rock paintings in Finland and reflections on Sámi cosmology from the seventeenth century
Francis Joy, Postdoctoral researcher, University of Lapland, Finland

15:45 Reflections of Rock Art on Water
Pellervo Kokkonen, Senior Advisor, Savonlinna Development Services Ltd., Finland

Program ends approximately at 16:15

* The organizer reserves right to changes in the program without prior notice.