The Worry Hook


Ylössaarentie 84, 52200 Puumala
+358 40 740 1831


“THE WORRY HOOK was developed to meet a real need. Our first child was born, and he ate during the nights and slept during the days. Naturally, that was when the mother also needed rest, but her mind was racing with all the jobs she hadn’t done, so she couldn’t sleep. I thought something needed to be done before she wore herself out completely. I went to the workshop and forged a sturdy hook for her to hang up all of the jobs and worries that were playing on her mind while she got some rest. I also made a flower to remind her to take a positive approach to saving herself. It had an immediate effect.

Since then, I have made worry hooks for others as well. I have granted a warranty to guarantee that it can withstand all of the unfinished work and other concerns that are playing on the mind, whatever the situation.”

Price: 25 €