Suoraan sisältöön

The relaxing heat of the Niskalampi beach sauna in Sahanlahti, Puumala

Niskalampi’s beach sauna is a traditional wood-fired log sauna in which the water is heated in an old-fashioned cauldron.
In winter, there is always a hole in the ice near the sauna for ice swimming, while in summer, you can swim in the open water. The sauna is unique and atmospheric in that you can access the lake directly from the terrace by a set of stairs.

This sauna is great for everyone whose health allows visits to a sauna, suitable for 1–5 people.

Price: € 50 

Incl. a 1h 20min visit to the sauna, the sauna and water are preheated, seat covers, fresh water for drinking, sauna toiletries, hole in the ice for ice swimming

Extras: sauna drinks from € 3 / each, towels € 3 / each, sauna sausages from € 9

Bookings: + 358 40 779 9896 or

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Lietvedentie 830, 52200 Puumala