Smoke sauna in Okkola holiday cottages, Puumala


Ylössaarentie 35, 52200 Puumala

The traditional smoke sauna is something to experience while in Finland. Our smoke sauna is situated in a very peaceful place on the lake Saimaa.

Smoke sauna can be reserved from June till August. There is room for 8 persons at a time in the sauna. Please note that there are is only one clothing area. The reservation also includes a traditiona Kota (fire-hut) where you can make fire and enjoy the atmosphere.

Sauna costs 180 € + 5 €/person. The price includes towels and 2 vastas. Please reserve the sauna minimum 24 hours beforehand, as the preparations for the smoke sauna take some time. Our restaurant Niinipuu is only 200 meters from sauna, and we cater food to the sauna upon request. You can bring your own drinks.