Let Finnish nature and forests captivate you in a beautiful manor in Savonia


Kuopiontie 68, 50350 Mikkeli
+358 15 176 012

Tertti Manor is a Finnish family-owned private manor that originated in the 17th century. Our manor accommodates private guests offering unique experiences: dine in the restaurant and cafeteria, stay overnight in a very cozy manor suite, shop in the lifestyle boutique and enjoy the surrounding gardens and woods. The hospitable service philosophy of the manor includes an enjoyable, empowering and fun program for all the senses. The forests, gardens and plantations offer authentic experiences accompanied by high quality, healthy and energizing food. The food philosophy of the manor is living according to the traditional harvest calendar and the focus lies heavily on the gifts from our own fields, fish from our own lakes, plus game, berries and wild herbs from our forests.

At 15:00 - Arrival at the manor, tasting of an energizing berry juice, check into accommodations.
At 16:00 - An empowering moment in the herb garden of the mansion where we will taste a purifying chaga mushroom herb drink, the lake water "omega3" fish bread and learn about the aromas of the surrounding herbs under the competent guidance of the chef of the manor. In the herb garden, you will learn tips for using herbs in your kitchen and become acquainted with the taste of herb salt.
At 17:00 - Exquisite excursion into the woods with a guide, where we make a birch whisk for the sauna experience, feel the touch of the woods by hugging trees and sensing the essential oils of the forest. Become acquainted with the gifts of the forest by tasting and gathering clean raw materials for dinner.
At 19:00 - A 5-course candlelight meal the theme of Finnish nature, or the Grand Buffet of the manor with more than 50 culinary experiences.
At 21:00 - A primal and powerful traditional Finnish sauna, at the beginning of which the sauna host will guide you through the sauna traditions and direct you towards a relaxing sauna experience. At the sauna you can also go swimming in the clean lake water of the private beach and whisk yourself with the self-made birch whisk.
At 22:00 - Before going to bed, you can enjoy nature by walking barefoot in the garden, by relaxing on the star gazing benches watching the eternal sky or admiring the park with over 100 tree species.
From 9:00 to 10:00 – Feel-good breakfast on the veranda of the manor, in a separate little room or in the herb garden.
At 10:00 - You will receive your own ready made herbal salt and the chef's tips for the dishes for which they are best suited, as well as learning the healthy benefits of the herbs that you chose.
At 12:00 Checkout

LOCATION Tertti Manor, 6 km from the city of Mikkeli, which is 2.5 hours from Helsinki by train or by bus. Tertti Manor is also easy to reach by taxi.

DURATION From 15:00 until the late morning next day.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY In the summer season, from May to September

GROUP SIZE 6 to 12 people

PRICE Price from 490 €/person (minimum charge of 2,000€/package)

THE PRICE INCLUDES All the services indicated in the program. For additional prices on your request, transport to and from the airport/train station.

PLEASE NOTE We are here to serve you. In order for us to be able to accommodate your particular requests, please contact us in advance.


Tel.: +358 15 176 012 Email: tertti@tertinkartano.fi  Website: www.tertinkartano.fi/en/