Koivumäki knife with a birch bark end by Hanhiniitty Smithy


Ylössaarentie 84, 52200 Puumala
040 740 1831

Koivumäki knife with a birch bark end 

The Koivumäki knife is my best selling sheath knife. The blade is made of durable and cutting bearing steel. The end is made from birch bark, which I collect from my own land on Niinisaari island in Puumala. It is compacted tightly, causing the layers to stick to each other without glue. The bark end feels pleasant in the hand, which is why it is a desirable material. In addition, it does not crack or absorb water. The sheath is made of 2.5-mm bark-tanned leather. At the customer’s request, I made an inlay in the end bearing the initials of the recipient.

The Koivumäki knife’s design is a traditional Finnish working knife and the oval handle gives a good hand grip. 

Price: From €210

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