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Ice sauna experience in Sahanlahti, Puumala

Experience the unique heat of the ice sauna in Sahanlahti, Puumala! 

The owner of Sahanlahti and his assistants build a new ice sauna every year, whenever the weather and ice conditions allow. Book a private visit to the ice sauna and enjoy the soft and humid heat. Reservations are always available in one-hour slots. The price includes use of the changing room and washing facilities in the sauna building Artturi, as well as an electric sauna which you can visit in turns with the ice sauna. The most fearless ones take a dip through a hole in the ice.  

Target group: Everyone whose health allows visiting a sauna. It has been said that the ice sauna is good for your health. The moist water vapour cleans the airways. 

Price including pre-heated saunas:

Ice sauna for one hour including initial guidance, Electric sauna, changing room and washing facilities, Seat covers and refreshing water to drink in the sauna, Hole in the ice for swimming, Sauna toiletries, Heated ice sauna for 60 minutes 

Price 95 € / 1-hour sauna visit for 1–5 people 

For more information, please contact 

Book here Takaisin

Lietvedentie 830, 52200 Puumala