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Ice Sauna Experience

AVAILABLE 15.2.-15.3.2019 (depending on the weather)

Experience Ice Sauna that is built of the Lake Saimaa Ice! Ice sauna has gentle steam and heat. There is private shower and dressing room nearby the sauna. Sauna is suitable for 1-5 persons. 

Extras: Enjoy Finnish sausages cooked on the stove and beverages.  Suitable for 1-5 persons

What's included?

Shower and dressing room 

Preheated private sauna 60 min 



Food & drinks

Beverages and Finnish sausages to cook on the stove while bathing 10 € / person

Towels 2 € each 

Please note

Public transportation nearby

What do I need to bring?

Bring swimming suite with you! 

75 € / 1hour sauna for 1-5 persons 

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Lietvedentie 830, 52200 Puumala