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Guided Forest Wellbeing Tour

The forest is a source of well-being

Guided trekking tour on the Metso Wellbeing Trail (1.5 km), in Niinisaari's grove, introduces you to the diversity of the forest and gives you a little taste of how forest can affect wellbeing. Research has shown that spending time walking in a forest environment has a positive effect on the health. Spending almost an hour in the forest rejuvenates the body and relieves stress. Spending time in natural surroundings decreases the blood pressure, boosts the mood and increases alertness. So keep all your senses ready throughout your trip and do not hesitate to stop for a moment and take in your natural surroundings.

Stop-offs along the trail

There are six information boards along the trail. The boards include information about local history, the diversity of the forest and the positive effect of forests on well-being. The boards have also been put up along the trail to prevent visitors from getting lost, so you can set out without any worries.

Guided tours

The local guide will familiarize you with both the history of the region and the positive health effects of the forest. Visitors on guided tours can find out more about the local history and the positive effects of forests on well-being – information that is not available when walking alone. The path is easy to walk, but it is not completely unobstructed.

Restaurant services nearby

The path starts near restaurant Niinipuu where you can enjoy a nice lunch, hot tea or a beer or two before and after hiking the wellness-path! The restaurant is open in the summer of 2018:
Tue-Wed: 11-18
Sundays: 12-15 (Buffet only)
Mondays: Closed

Duration:                  About one hour
Group size:               Max 20 persons
Trail length:               1.5 kilometers
What you need:          Appropriate clothing and patience for doing the exercises
Note:                          Most of the trail is on good, flat ground
                                   but it is not completely unobstructed.
Availability:              April-October
Languages:                Finnish, English, German
Price:                         120 €/ group

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Contact: Paula Okkola
+358 500 259 378


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120 €

Prices are valid until 30.10.2023

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