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Explore the archipelago route with Saimaa Bikes e-bikes!

The Puumala archipelago route is a stunning scenic route around Lake Saimaa for cyclists and motorcyclists with a distance of approximately 60 km. Along the route, waterways are crossed by numerous bridges, as well as by the Hätinvirta ferry (taking approx. 10 min) and bike ferry Norppa II (approx. 40 min). The route mainly follows various asphalted roads. Along the way, there are two short (approximately 2 km and 4 km) sections of gravel track. For our e-bikes, there are 3 starting points in Puumala: Sahanlahti Resort, Koskenselkä Holiday Village & Hanhiniitty. You can choose the best one for you.

With an electric bike you always ride with the wind behind your back! Pedaling is light and smooth even on longer trips. You can pedal for more than 10 km in half an hour without sweating. Uphill, the momentum is maintained even if you have already been riding for a long day. The electric motor assists pedaling up to 25 km / h, after which it switches off. You can choose how much help you want. Choose a suitable model and head to Saimaa!

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