Cottage Saparoniemi (4+2)


Taipaleentie 60, 51460 Luusniemi

Saparoniemi Point is a unique, long and fairly narrow point created by the Ice Age. The Saparoniemi holiday home, which comprises a main cottage, sauna cabin and barbecue hut, is situated on the south tip of the point.

If you look at a map of Lake Soukkio, you can see that Saparoniemi is situated almost at the centre of the lake. This means that in the summer, the garden bathes in the sun from morning to evening. The large sauna terrace is also a great place to enjoy the afternoon sun, and the sauna itself has a large window giving to the west for admiring the sunset. And there is definitely no risk of snoopy neighbours, since the nearest neighbours are over 400 metres away. There is plenty of peace and privacy

The main cottage of Saparoniemi holds two bedrooms, each with two beds. The sofa bed in the combined kitchen/living room can bed another two persons if needed. The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary tableware for eight persons and all the standard small kitchen appliances. One of the most important parts of the barbecue season is the barbecue grill itself, which can be found in a place of pride at the tip of the point. The equipment at Saparoniemi also includes an electric grill. 

The sauna building, which was redone in 2013, features a wood sauna, shower, toilet and fireplace room. The sauna terrace is luxurious and stretches all the way to the shoreline. The beach has a firm, gently sloping floor of natural sand. The water at the end of the pier is around 1.3 meters deep. 

Prices from: €636/week and €262/weekend.