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Boat trips of Nestorinranta on Lake Saimaa, Puumala

Experience the islands and open waters of Lake Saimaa by taking a guided boat trip that can be booked for departure from Lintusalo in the Puumala archipelago. The trips are made on a covered Finnmaster boat that can accommodate up to five passengers. The prices are for each boat and the trip durations are estimates.

  • 30-minute cruise. You will get a feel for Lake Saimaa on a short trip that is inexpensive: EUR 60.
  • Trip to the trenches on Rokansaari island, 2-3 hours. Get to know the wartime history of the island. EUR 45/person, min. 2, max 4 persons.
  • Lintusalo tour, 90 minutes. You will see the great open waters of Lake Saimaa, such as the Suur-Saimaa and Lietvesi basins, as well as narrow, often surprising straits. EUR 120
  • Liittokivi cruise, 2 hours. You will see the picture-book landscapes of Liittokivi and Suur-Saimaa. Conditions permitting, we will be able to make landfall at Liittokivi. EUR 150
  • Rokansaari tour, 3–4 hours. Wonderful Rokansaari: stunning sandy beaches, hills, ponds, a guest harbour with various services and Mallu's cafe – is it open today?  EUR 155–185
  • Ruuho tour, 3–4 hours. A cluster of several sandy and hilly islands with sandy beaches, lagoons and a popular guest harbour.  EUR 170–200.

Book your trip in good time. For extra price picnik basket.

We reserve the right to amend this information.


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