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2-4 hour's fishing trip with a guide of Nestorinranta to Lake Saimaa, Puumala

During the 2-4 hour's fishing trip on Lake Saimaa Lietvesi you'll get to know the best fishing places and also the best beaches to have a break or picnic. After the trip you can rent a motor boat and equipment from Nestorinranta and go independently to fishing.

The guides will fillet your catch and teach you to fillet fish if you wish. There is a range of facilities at Nestorinranta to enable you to cook fish: you may choose to barbecue it, smoke it or cook it by the flames of an open fire. The lady of the house has a few good pike recipes and she will be happy to advise you if you would like to prepare something special.

Our guide Matti Viialainen is a genuine archipelago native, who have been fishing in the waters of  Lietvesi, Lake Saimaa, since he was  a kid.  Matti speaks English, German and Swedish.

You can also rent a small motorboat from Nestorinranta and take a fishing trip of your own. You will be provided with a map of good fishing spots.


Lintusalontie 1661, 52200 Puumala

+358 40 510 6208