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Wild food cruise in Puumala archipelago, Lake Saimaa region

Wild food cruise in Puumala archipelago, Lake Saimaa region

The wild food cruise is a combination of informative wild food course and comfortable sightseeing cruise, merged with a delicious wild twist. Guide Arto is an expert of wild edible plants, herbs, berries and mushrooms that grow in Finnish forests.

Ecoboat is a nature friendly electric boat, and skipper Arto drives us from Puumala harbour to the beautiful archipelago. During cruise Arto makes the wild food course and gives you information about foraging, using of wild edibles and their health benefits.

Eventually we land in Niinisaari island, at the Liehtalanniemi Museum Estate and nature reserve. Liehtala is a really beautifull place, a taste of the past as the estate is over 100 years old. Your guide Arto brings you on a field trip in the Estate grounds and you will learn to identify edible plants in practice. After foraging we enjoy a snack with coffee and tea, and also prepare a wild salad to add wild flavours to the snack. On the way back we enjoy the beautiful views of Lake Saimaa. The wild food cruise gives you lots of information about the wild edible plants and may help you start a new hobby, like Arto did some 10 years ago. The comfortable cabin of the Ecoboat and the great scenery make a great learning environment, enjoyment for all senses.

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