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Valkeajärvi (white lake)

An easily accessible hiking place located on Lake Ihastjärvi. Suitable for nature enthusiasts, people going fishing and, above all, families with small children. A permit is required for fishing ( The area includes an easy 2.2-km trail with some duckboards going around the river, a campfire site, a lean-to and a chemical toilet. Bring your own firewood. Signage from the Mikkeli-Pieksämäki road and Ihastjärventie.

Lake Valkeajärvi, a body of water 14 hectares in size, is located 15 km to the north of Mikkeli along Valkeajärventie road. The lake is a great place to fish for rainbow trout, whitefish and perch. Don't forget to get a fishng permit. The permit allows bait fishing (with lures, flies and jigs), as well as angling and ice fishing.

Fishing time 1.1. - 3.6. and June 6 from 3:00 pm - 12/31